Gather emotional and sentiment data through surveys,
cues and comments.

What is VRPsychLab

Gain necessary sentiment and other insights with VRPsychLab questionnaires, 360° panoramas, and interactive viewing of 3D content to determine your project’s Human Building Interaction (HBI) and Human Environmental Interaction (HEI).

the right tool

VRPsychLab provides the necessary tools to properly analyze the psychological impact our environments have on us, our communities and the natural environments that surround us. 

game changer

VRPsychLab fundamentally changes the way we understand and design for the psychological and anthropological well-being of our communities, giving community planners, architects and designers the means to gather public and stakeholder input throughout each stage of architectural design, and community development processes.


  • Simplify survey creation with easy-to-use visual editing. 
  • Manage your library of surveys and reusable survey elements.
  • Leverage standardized survey capabilities, form questions and randomized settings.
  • Use panorama images and videos or display VRTerrain or 3D models from other platforms, such as SketchUp or Blender.


  • Explore, aggregate or sort individual data from your surveys in our comprehensive dashboard.
  • Export survey data to industry-standard analysis formats such as Excel or SPSS.


  • Launch your surveys in one click with a simple, shareable web link. 
  • Observe responses in real time. 
  • Convenient desktop and mobile-ready surveys help increase participation


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